Friday, January 05, 2007

Finding your DreamGirl, is sometimes best done in a local gay club. A fact proven by tomorrow night's (Saturday, Jan 6th) guest appearance of Divalicious Jennifer Holiday showing up at the Coliseum (2520 S Miami Rd., Fort Lauderdale).
For anyone not in the know, Holiday pioneered the character of Effie White on Broadway in the early 80's. And while I'm not hating on Hudson's portrayal of the outcast Dreamer in the new film version (WHHAAAT? The 'Girl's got pipes, what more do you want, people?!), it is a role that will ALWAYS belong to Jennifer Holiday. Nobody can scream, sob, and howl a solo like she can. And now? Well, I guess the dream's over, because the Coliseum doesn't even count as off-off-off-off Broadway.
Anyone who can, should really go view this spectacle, in fact here's the flyer:check it!

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