Friday, October 27, 2006

Seriously, if you do nothing else this weekend -- check out Roky Erickson on Sunday. Here's the kicker: he's playing at the Hard Rock Casino. It's surrealism at its finest. The musician who was arrested for ONE DOOBIE and plead insanity to escape jail sentence (though instead got an elongated and electrifying tenure in a shock-therapy session)emerged three years later to create music themed around sci-fi and fantasy-based tunes like "Two-headed Dog". So good. So weird. So wonderfully contradictory to the venue! Check it out!

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Catwalk of the Cat Show...

This weekend was one of the furriest of the year for South Floridians, many of whom are still picking cat hair out of their blonde weaves, dangly black cat earings, and festive Halloween-themed tee-shirts featuring felines dressed as trick-or-treaters. (see above)

Since living the life of a crazy cat lady is laden with enough ridicule, I feel it is my duty to educate the masses on the Do's and Don'ts of Cat Show Fashion.

Do #1.) This shirt is ALWAYS in style: the basic premise is three cats prowling in uniform stride, each dressed in human clothes, but here's the REAL kicker -- the backs of the shirts show the backs of the cats' outfits! Consider it the crown jewel of cat fashion, I know because I witnessed four different versions of it. I myself am partial to the slutty Parisian cats (directly above), who, from the back, are seen wearing prostitute-esq daisy dukes.

Do #2 and 3.) Also nice, though tacky if worn before Nov. 1st (prior to that you should be wearing the Halloween-themed shirt see top of post) is the fashionable Christmas variety -- which is extra fetching when layered with this embroidered and bedazzled sweater

(note, if you can't read it clearly, that sweater is a BARGAIN at only $78 dollars).

Do #4.) Suspenders and tee. YES! I don't even have to explain this one.

Now, the Don'ts

Don't #1.) The Cat Show is not the time for you to "interpret" what does and does not constitute "cat", so don't go cowboy on this. Safari prints (As shown above)DO NOT COUNT, nor do cheeta patterns. Show some respect...this is the Cat Show.

Don't #2.) If you are going to layer your scrunchiis, at least 50% of them should be cat-themed. (though the percentage drops at a rate of 10% per scrunchii added.)
So this is clearly unacceptable.

Don't #3.) Cats are beautiful on their own, so the eye-makeup is a little much. Yes, you heard me -- this long-haired devil isn't au natural -- no indeed. Note the eye-shadow quad in the lower right hand corner...the groomer claims that just "a little on the cheeks!" goes a long way toward victory.


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