Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well it's official. All other newpapers and assorted media personell throughout the world were scooped on Friday, when the N.Y. Times broke this giant story on its front page -- "Those Inflatable Santas: Eyepoppers to Eyesores". Thank god someone is covering the important stuff, like "Inflatables" the air-filled lawn adornments that overly joyful families put up to disgust their nosey neighbors. Inspired, I went on a search for the greatest Inflatable and found it in a high-end neighborhood deep in the heart of Miami. You might be saying,"What-evs. I don't see what's so great about THIS Inflatable, why, it's not even the blustery snow-globe type!" While that is true, I would like to point out that this air-filled manger scene is nearly as tall as the actual house hiding beside it. Which means, this could double as a bounce house. Just think! A bounce house manger! You could play "crack the egg" with baby Jesus. I hope someone intends to do this. After all, it is Jesus' birthday, and someone really ought to through him a proper child's party.

Also to note around town last weekend. Torche played at Billabong on Saturday night, and let's just say the 'Bong was packed. They shredded furiously through their set until raw sound dredged thickly through my head, kind of like how you can feel your own pulse in a bruise. If that isn't praise enough,

this guy was there ===>

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