Saturday, December 09, 2006

Less Fartsy, More Artsy. Or is it the other way around?
Art Basel action will be engulfing our dangly little peninsula for only a few more nights. By now, I’m sure you’ve pre-pre-partied, pre-partied, anti-partied, and actually partied – and if you haven’t, well, its time to get hip. After all, we rarely get offered so many free drinks by so many fancy folk. If you plan on going out tonight, there is too much going on around Miami to explore in any real depth. Most of Broward county is waving white flags of surrender due to the mass exodus, but those trying to participate in Basel rebellion should check out the Circle Jerks show up at Respectable Street in W. Palm Beach.

My top picks for conquering Basel tonight:
* Cheer on local Broward noise tinkers Wicked Dream Foundation and Hydroplane. They are playing at PS 14 for “Art Bastard”, a night of low-brow, outsider, and performance art – all in chillax environment. (Rumor has it that a random N.Y. Doll or two might show up for a D.J. session) The confirmed full line-up is:
• Artists: Juan Sebastian, Fourpack, Ahol Sniffs Glue, Andrew the Sociopath, Kent Hernandez, Jackie Gomez, Elk Master, & Matthew Owen Reininger.
• DJs: Benton & Stravinsky, Matthew Owen Reininger, Saul D.
• Live WDF Vs. Hydroplane-Battle between two electronic musicians.

Try to get in the tabloids by gracing SoBe chic nightspot, Mynt, with your presence this evening. The to-do is being hosted by none other than nice-girl-gone-bad, Lindsay Lohan, and will certainly prove to be more a star-studded photo session masquerading as a party than anything holding the thinnest shred of cultural integrity. Oh, what the hell. Basel’s only once a year: Live it up.

Last, but not least; graffiti, sneakers, and graphic art all mash together at Prive (136 Collins Ave., Miami Beach) tonight for the Couture Assassins show this evening.

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