Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bands? Yes. Battle? Eh, not so much.
Sunday’s final round in the Bodog Battle of the Bands lasted six, grueling hours. (Imagine watching the obligatory opening band at any generic rock show, but multiplied by 12.) Since the wound is still too fresh and odoriferous to open, all I will say about the battle is this: At least Dancing Rene showed up. For anyone who doesn’t know Dancing Rene, he started small – just your average writer, counselor, music enthusiast who loves to show up to local rock shows and dance the night away. But not one to shy away from corporate endeavors, Rene now videotapes his sweet moves and posts the footage up on his dance-video website, www.dancemusicvideo.net. Sadly, I couldn't get a video to upload, so you're going to have to visit his website to view the splendor first hand.

Thanks, 'Hive! Just ran across your blog, love to see that video! Make sure you login/register as a site user and a new button should come up for you on the Upload page to send up the footage!


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